Prepared at the 2012 LESI Global Technology Impact Forum
Update as of May 1, 2012

Recognising that Intellectual Property (IP) of all types is a core asset of our business we support the following Principles:

1. We will respect the IP rule of law as a key supporting framework for innovation research and development.

2. Our IP role / strategy supports our broader business strategy and will be presented to our Board at least annually.

3. We have a designated professional in charge of managing IP that is part of senior management.

4. We respect the IP rights of others and will not knowingly infringe.

5. We are willing to license our IP for value in accordance with an IP strategy.

6. We are willing to license in third party technology for reasonable terms in accordance with an IP strategy.

7. We encourage the development of transparent IP markets and standard IP valuation metrics and reporting.

8. We encourage harmonization of IP legal and IP business practice locally and globally.

9. Our IP strategy will consider our Corporate Social Responsibility principles to all business stakeholders, l including licensing of our intellectual property at our discretion for humanitarian and/or pro-poor uses to responsible third parties.

10. We will endeavour to continuously improve, at appropriate levels in our organisation, our knowledge of and education in licensing and technology transfer