Board Members


Danie Dohmen – President / Education    

Johan du Preez – Vice President / International Events / Copyright, Trade marks, Designs and Merchandising

Madelein Kleyn – Immediate Past President / Public Relations, Marketing and Member Communications / Patent and Technology Licensing / Chair LES International Patent and Technology Licensing Committee

Alan Lewis – Audit / Finance

Chyreene Truluck – Secretary

Other Directors

Michele Macguire 

Elmar Muller – High Technology

Johan Nel – Chemicals, Environment, Energy, and Materials / Website

Nolene Singh – Industry, University & Government Transactions

Joanne van Harmelen – Life Science

Robynne Zevenster – Young Members


Northern Areas (GP, LP): Danie Dohmen, Johan du Preez, Alan Lewis, Elmar Muller

Central Areas (FS, NW, MP): Johan Nel, Chyreene Truluck

Coastal East (KZN, EC): Joanne van Harmelen, Nolene Singh

Coastal West (WC, NC): Madelein Kleyn, Robynne Zevenster