The International Association (LESI) and the South African Society (LES) found its roots in the original national society founded in the United States of America in 1965.
Since that time national and regional societies have emerged on all continents. Today LESI is the foremost organization in the field of technology licensing. There are today 29 national and regional societies embracing some 10,000 members from 62 different countries. LESI International has been consulted by and is in ongoing contact regarding technology transfer with the United Nations, in particular, regarding the United Nations development programme; the World Intellectual Property organization (WIPO); the European Union; the Organisation for Economic and Commercial Development; the International Chamber of Commerce; and many national Intellectual Property Registries.

The South African Society (LES) is one of many national and regional societies which make up the international association or family of LES Societies constituting the Licensing Executives Society International (LESI). The individual societies are associations of members having common interest in transferring technology in the broadest sense of that term. These, like the South African Society, are thus composed of persons who are business men; managers; scientists; engineers; academics; government officials and lawyers, in particular, intellectual property lawyers and patent attorneys and agents.

The LESI, with its diverse membership, is unique among all professional associations in that it does not focus solely on the legal aspects of intellectual property, but rather providing worldwide training and educational programmes directed towards powering the intellectual capital engine of the global knowledge economy where we are living in today. We are learning that in the highly industrialized economies of Asia, Europe, North and South America, we are quickly evolving a new economic and social structure where knowledge and innovation are valued above all else.


  • To encourage high professional standards among individuals engaged in the transfer and licensing of technology.
  • To assist the members in improving their skills and techniques in licensing through self education; attending educational activities; and through their exchange of information, both personally and by way of publications.
  • To inform the public, the business community and governmental and international bodies about the economic significance of technology licensing and the importance of high standards required in the field.
  • To make available to its members the latest, most accurate information on the subject of technology licensing.

The transfer of intellectual property and/or intellectual capital assets is the lifeblood of the new global order and LESI, as the heart of the family of LESI societies worldwide, must assume much of the responsibility of keeping that lifeblood flowing.

The environment in which licensing executives find themselves today is one where the only certainty is rapid and continued change and the window of opportunity is often small or too small. Licensing is the key factor in successfully exploiting new advances in science and technologies and innovators whether they are individuals, major or small corporate entities or groups, universities or government bodies are increasingly looking to the membership of the LESI family of societies to help them fully exploiting their intellectual capital assets while, at the same time, protecting their intellectual property rights in this fast moving global market. Consequently, licensing and technology transfer and asset management, have become the fundamental engines of growth in these dynamic markets.


Danie Dohmen – President; Education    

Johan du Preez – Vice President; Events – International; Copyright, Trade marks, Designs and Merchandising

Madelein Kleyn – Immediate Past President; Public Relations and Marketing; Events – Local

Alan Lewis – Audit / Finance

Chyreene Truluck – Secretary

Other Directors

Michele Macguire 

Elmar Muller – High Technology

Johan Nel – Chemicals, Environment, Energy, and Materials; Website

Nolene Singh – Industry, University & Government Transactions

Joanne van Harmelen – Life Science

Robynne Zevenster – Young Members


Northern Areas (GP, LP): Danie Dohmen, Johan du Preez, Alan Lewis, Elmar Muller

Central Areas (FS, NW, MP): Johan Nel, Chyreene Truluck

Coastal East (KZN, EC): Joanne van Harmelen, Nolene Singh

Coastal West (WC, NC): Madelein Kleyn, Robynne Zevenster